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Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


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Thursday, 5 January 2012

A new game in town

Witchfinder General – Days of Revelation by Eric Barnes
17th Century Folklore – Historical Wargaming

What’s it all about?

Imagine if you will that all the folk lore and propaganda spread by the church and the witch hunters during the 17th century were true. What if Bram Stokers accounts of Dracula coming ashore at Whitby was based on actual accounts. What if witches and hedge wizards really did set fear into the hearts and minds of the common folk.

This is the place that you will find the brave witch finders and their trusted foot soldiers.  With rough men willing to fight to protect what is theirs and what they believe. You will also find those who have sold their souls to the powers that stalk the night and have thrown in their lot to save their own skins.

History meets fantasy. Who will be victorious? Only you can change what could have been.

What does the book give you?

This is a set of table top wargaming rules that allow players to play games ranging from small skirmishes using a few models per player up to larger engagements using a few dozen figures per player. Retail price is a good price at £15.00 for a 108 page colour manual. 

The rules are laid out in an intuitive order as they are needed through the turn. There is a detailed list of protagonists for use in the game. 6 suggested scenarios to play through that build in model count and variety of models, these go from a small skirmish through kidnap and rescue missions to a full scale attack on a manor house.
There is a quick reference guide at the back but I would say that an index with page numbers would have been very helpful (this is my only criticism of what is a very good rule book).

There are no points used in this game and players are encouraged to play each scenario twice swapping sides to determine an actual winner. I see this as a nice idea as having read through the book I am filled with ideas for my own scenarios and how to link them with the scenarios in the book and also to be part of a campaign.

This game seems to me to be aimed more towards the playing of a game to tell a story with friends rather than the serious competitive play that is getting more and more popular with some other rules systems. I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in folklore and history and also to anyone who would like to play games that can drive and be driven by imagination to a place that only the future will know.

Give it a go and happy gaming.

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