Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


Get off the damn table ya buggers!!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wheres that damn dog

 I iz enjoying da kitty att

Oooze bin sleepin in my bed? An day iz still dere!

Chaos sorcerer

A new edition to the army. This gives me 3 wizards on foot now for playing storm of magic games.

Disc rider of Tzeentch

A mate of mine had some bits left over from his Empire chariot (luminark/hurraculumn).

He kindly donated them to me and I decided that they would make a nice alternate disc for a sorcerer or other character from my warriors of chaos army to ride.

Here are a few work in progress shots.

I have mounted it on a 50 by 50 mm base coming off the side of a broken monument.