Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


Get off the damn table ya buggers!!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Witchfinder test models

I have knocked up a couple of quick test models for the new witchfinder general game.

The first is a Nochtlinger (mantic ghoul). A foul creature of the night that hunts for flesh. I have tried to give it an almost monochrome look with zenithal highlighting and only a few very muted colours on the limited clothing and blood. I have also added an ethreal blue glow from the eyes that just catches the fingers of the outstretched hand. The base will be done with plain cold earth, very dark with minimal light catching it.

Next up is a very quick (40ish mins) colour test for a musketeer loyal to the witchfinders. I have gone for red and dull grey with brown straps to keep these simple and able to fit in with other games. Also as a contrast for my plans for the pike/musket loyal to the evil forces as they will be using midnight blue with purple accent colour and black straps.

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