Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


Get off the damn table ya buggers!!!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Warriors of Chaos at the Polish Sausage team event

Not long back from the Polish sausage team event at Maelstrom games. 20 teams were in attendance each of 4 players with different armies of 2400pts. The rules pack for the event followed this years ETC pack for rules, army restrictions and match ups.

As ever the event was very well run with 3 games on the Saturday and 2 games on the Sunday.

I was lucky to get a space on team Innuendo Bingo and a big thanks to Dave O (Target), Richard and James (warhammer Jesus) for being great team mates.

The list I took is as follows;

Chaos Sorcerer Lord (Tzeentch)
Level 4 Mark of Tzeentch Disc of Tzeentch Crimson armour of Dargan Golden eye of Tzeentch Healing potion Blood Curdling Roar Total 430pts

Chaos Sorcerer (Fire) (General)
Level 2 3rd Eye of Tzeentch Necrotic Phylactery Spell Familiar Iron curse icon Total 175pts

Chaos Sorcerer (Tzeentch) Mark of Tzeentch Disc of Tzeentch Stream of corruption Dragon helm
Talisman of endurance
Biting blade Total 190pts

Exalted Hero BSB Talisman of Preservation
Warrior Bane Total 185pts

Chaos marauder horsemen x 5 Mark of Slaanesh Musician Flail
Light armour Total 96pts

Chaos marauder horsemen x 5 Mark of Slaanesh Musician Flail
Light armour Total 96pts

Warriors of Chaos x 18 Mark of Tzeentch
Full Command Standard of Discipline Shields Total 353pts

Warriors of Chaos x 20 Mark of Khorne Full Command Shields
Halberd Banner of Eternal flame Total 410pts

Chaos war hounds x 5 30pts
Chaos war hounds x 5 30pts

Chaos knights x 5 Standard bearer Banner of Rage Total 255pts

War shrine Mark of Tzeentch Total 150pts

ARMY TOTAL = 2400pts

I will be adding some battle reports over the next few day.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Warriors of Chaos, Icons of the gods

Something that I have been meaning to do for a while was to make some kind of visual item that makes what mark a unit has in my Warriors army more obvious.

Because I want to keep a fixed colour scheme throught the army I need to steer away from the common practice of painting the units with colours that represent which chaos god they follow. This can in turn make it easier to swap marks on the units as I wish between games to try different things.

My first thought was to make models carrying an icon but decided that this would use p lots of figure that could often end up left in the case/shelf when that particular mark was not being used.

I finaly decided to make a 4 base unit filler that depicted a particular chaos god that could be placed in the unit giving a very easy to see visual que as to what that unit was marked with.

I used a 50mm base ( equals 4 x 25mm bases) with a pillar from the arcane ruins set. To this I added some bits from my bits box and then gave tham a quick splash of colour.

The first 2 that I have done are for Khorne (red) and Tzeentch (blue/green). Next will be Nurgle and Slaanesh.