Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


Get off the damn table ya buggers!!!

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Updating the paints at home.

I have decided to start updating my paint collection. Some of the paints I am using are 20 years old and starting to show their age. I also seem to be transporting my paints between work accom and home. So I am going to start getting some fresh paint for my pallet and keep these at home so that I can paint when I want without having to make sure that I have brought the right colours with me.

These are my first purchase. A 16 pack of basic colours for £24.00 (£1.50 per paint). I have used a few paints by vallejo before and like the dropper bottles.

As you can see on the pictures the colour selection is good and all these will be usefull in the future. One thing to note is that these paints had probably been on a shelf for some time and needed some very vigorous shaking to adgitate the pigment from its settled position.

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