Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


Get off the damn table ya buggers!!!

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Updating the paints at home.

I have decided to start updating my paint collection. Some of the paints I am using are 20 years old and starting to show their age. I also seem to be transporting my paints between work accom and home. So I am going to start getting some fresh paint for my pallet and keep these at home so that I can paint when I want without having to make sure that I have brought the right colours with me.

These are my first purchase. A 16 pack of basic colours for £24.00 (£1.50 per paint). I have used a few paints by vallejo before and like the dropper bottles.

As you can see on the pictures the colour selection is good and all these will be usefull in the future. One thing to note is that these paints had probably been on a shelf for some time and needed some very vigorous shaking to adgitate the pigment from its settled position.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Warriors of Chaos Hero with Mark of Nurgle

 A few quick snaps of a work in prog of a champion who will probably go into my marrauder unit.

I was not sure about this model when I first saw it in the WD mag. Having had a look at the sprue in the local GW I was imprest with the quality of the sculpt.

Putting the model together was easy. most of the joins to the sprue where in areas that were not visible or were easy to clean up. Very minimal mold lines that were again very easy to clean up. All the peices fit where they need to.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Wargods/Tomb King character

I started painting up a figure that I got from some water damged stock for a mate who had started collecting a Tomb King army. He then went and left his army case on a train never to be seen again. I need to get this figure finished and add another figure of a magic user. They are from Wargods of Egyptus. they stand a few mils taller than games workshop figures and are white metal. The quality is very good with minor mold lines that are easily cleaned off.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Painted figures at tournaments

Painting scores at tournaments seems to be a very emotive subject. Over the last 6 months there have been many threads on feed back areas to events and has even been mentioned on at least 4 podcasts that I have listened to whilst commuting. Everyone seems to have an opinion but some people can get very emotional about it and can even consider boycotting events due to this form of soft scoring or lack of.

I would like to muse over an idea for a possible future event but just concentrate on the area of painted miniatures and how a paint score could fit in without dominating.

Some people paint so that they can game and others game because they paint and collect figures. Whichever of these 2 you are there is something that I think all tournament attendees can agree on and that is that they want to field their painted models against an opponent’s painted models.

Some gamers spend quite a bit of money over a weekend on travel, tickets, accommodation and all the extras like food and drink and to be faced with an army of models that are grey plastic or just primed can seem like playing at your local club against a gamer who has just started testing out a new army and has not had time to paint it yet. Should this be allowed at an event that is trying to attract gamers from far and wide?

Here is my idea.

The best painted army award should be kept separate and be voted for but not reflected in the tournament score.

The tournament best general should be based on game scores, this I think most will agree on.

What is the incentive to attend with a painted army? Penalty points.

Penalty points are awarded for unpainted or unfinished figures that do not meet the minimum painting standard as detailed in the tournament rules pack; this is usually a 3 colour min with some form of basing texture. These penalty points are applied for each game that you use the figures and are then deducted from your final score at the end of the event before working out who is the best general.

As an example

1 figure = 1pt
3 figures = 2pts
5 figures = 3pts
10 figures = 7pts
20 figures = 15pts

As you can see the more that is not finished the higher the penalty points get. If it is just the odd figure here and there in a unit or 2 then losing a few points would not be so much of a problem and your opponent would probably not mind the fact that a couple of models on a back rank were not finished. However, play a horde unit of 30+ models that are not painted then each game you use them you could be giving away more points than you will get for winning a game. I think this will deter anyone from using loads of unpainted figures.

Just my thoughts.

Monday, 5 December 2011

How to win a wooden spoon

No Holes Barred Nov 2011. Maelstrom Games. Organised by Will Goodwin.

I have been gaming with my old 6th/7th edition wood elves for the last 6 months while my WoC have been awaiting some more paint. Not had much luck with them but realy wanted to get some more games in and about the only time I get to play is at a tournie.

My list in brief was the following;

Lv4 Beast weaver, BsB, Lv1 spell singer, 3 units of archers, 2 units of dryads, 2 eagles, a unit of treekin and a unit of waywatchers. (2000pts)

I got to the event early Friday evening and spent the next few hours chatting with other players and having some beers till Dizzle (Ben Harris) arrived with his mates. Alex I had not met before but seemed like a nice guy. Ian I had played at the Easter doubles at WHWorld (he had used a double WoC nurgle force with his mate). Ian never shuts up but is a nice guy.

Sat am arrived at the venue. Will had made the event very pro with player packs, printed name badges, magic ref cards for all the race specific lores and printed mission cards.

As was already posted on the WHforum I had drawn Mark Wildman (genuinely a very nice chap and fun to play against) for game 1 capture the hill.

Mark had a big bus of knights, massive unit of halb’s, 2 cannon, mortar, fire mage, bsb and an alter boy, sorry I mean an arch lector on war alter.

T1-2 a cannon kills an eagle, mortars and fire balls smash my archer units. Dryads try to slow down the knights.
T3-4 Flame sword steam tank (oh yeah he had one of those) rips up the treekin. He had destroyed my amber spear spell earlier.
T5-6 manage to get some war machines with the way watchers but it is too little too late as they have done their job and all my units are now so small that his slightly smaller unit of halb’s on the hill have won the day.
20-0 loss.

Game 2 battle line. I was against Ian Sturges (Dizzle’s mate) and his high elves. Really nice guy to play against and would happily play again.

He had lv4, bsb mounted, 2 x 10 archers, 5 dragon princes, 5 reavers, eagle, 20 spears, 20 sword masters and 15 axe blokes.

T1-2 concentrated fire on archer unit with lv 4. killed him and got my assassination mission. Eagle off 1 on 1 goes in my favour. Dragon princes with bsb get tangled up with some dryads.
T3-4 massive battle in centre with dryads, treekin, sword masters and spears. Everyone dies but the swordmasters who can now claim his mission by getting in my deployment zone.
T5-6 was a case of small fights and mopping up. Very close game that had him 160pts up.
11-9 loss

Game 3 battle line. Dave Sweeting with orcs and goblins. Very nice looking OnGob army.

He had a bsb on foot, mounted boss, 3 shamen. Ooooooge unit of night gobos with bows and poison banner, big unit of savage biguns, 3 charriots, 2 doom divers, rock lobba, some wolves.

T1-2 he marched straight at me. My shooting was whittling his stuff down. 1 doom diver killed 4 way watchers so the last one went to cry behind a building. My archers were getting whacked by his warmachines pretty hard.
T3-4 treekin smash up chariots. Dryads get stuck into the night gobos but get pin cushioned on the way in ( he got lucky here by claiming that they could volley fire as a charge reaction, I questioned it but the guys on the next table backed him up. They were all wrong and he had about 40 extra shots)
T5-6 All my combat units are dead and he has all his points safe in the 2 big blocks.
20-0 loss.

Day 2 to follow.

Game 4 Bwud and Gorwey. Ed Morris with Beastmen.

Ed is an older gamer like me and one of the nicest blokes you could meet. We had spent ages chatting and drinking the night before and we had both gone through our armies explaining what was what.

He had a beast lord, 2 shaman, bsb, 2 gore chariots, 2 razor chariots, 2 ungor skirmish units, 2 harpy units and the worlds biggest gore unit to put all his characters in. I knew that the only way to win was to take out his unit that had all his break points in. I had 6 break points so knew that I could box cleaver and make sure that he did not break me. So it was all going to be points based in the end.

I chose Kill his specials and rares as my mission, hmm 4 chariots to take out and make sure that my waywatchers did not die.

T1-2 got rid of harpies and put some wounds on the chariots. He was buffing his main gore unit and advancing to my lines (he had the get 300 pts in enemy deployment zone mission as I found out later).

T3-4 dryads set about the weakened chariots and kill one of each. All the rest of his chaff are finished off and start to reduce the numbers of his gore block.

T5-6 got his last 2 chariots thanks to the help of some dangerous terrain tests. The way watchers head for safety to make sure that I get my mission. Treekin block the path of his gore block so they cannot get any of my banners. Double 6 purple sun kills 5 of the 6 treekin in 1 shot (sad face) and we both cannot believe the dice.
At the end of the game we both have had a good laugh and when we tally up the points he has won but it was a great game.
17-3 loss.

Game 5 battle line. Sandy Wilson with Ogre Kingdoms.

He had 2 butchers, bsb flame banner, 2 mega cannons of doom, 2 blocks of lead belchers, a block of iron guts, 3 x 10 nobbers (2 had trappers) and 3 single snaggle tooths. Hurray an ogre gun line.

T1-2 I take one of his lead belcher blocks down to a single model which he hides. take out a big pussy cat with some dryads and whittle away at his iron guts. His canons are causing me some damage but not too much. He has them in the corners getting a cross fire at my army so keeping them from killing too much is tricky.

T3-4 his iron gut unit gets some arrows heading their way and he has to hide his single remaining iron gut. His canons and flaming unit of lead belchers are ripping through my army. An eagle scares a cat and runs it down. I find out that the nobbers have trappers with some dryads who in turn get canon charged and eventually die.

T5-6 the waywatchers bail out the other unit of dryads who have got flanked by some more nobbers and eventually kill them all. The lead belchers finish off my treekin and his canons smash some more of my units.
After the brave blood crazed ogres had then hidden behind hills and buildings to protect points, his magic item had miscast my gen to death (turn 3 or 4) and his shooting was ripping my army apart it looked like he had it in the bag. At the end of the game we tally up the points and his mission gives him enough to get a 17-3 (I think) loss. 

Game 6 battle line. Alex Jarosz (Dizzle’s other mate) with Empire.

Alex is a really nice bloke. A bit quiet but starts to get chattier as he gets to know you. As we had met on the Friday we had a great game with lots of laughs at stupid dice rolls.

He had a lector on wagon, bsb, a couple of wizards, an engineer, 3 mortars, a hellstrom, 2 x 10 gunners, 2 info blocks each with a 5 man free comp det. I think that was it. Oops sorry, add a steam tank. Nice.

T1-2 waywatchers kill the engineer and charge the rocket. I get rid of a unit of gunners. Eagle heads for a mortar but gets a big pie plate on its head. The other mortars splat a few of an archer unit and take another down to 1 model.

T3-4 waywatchers get into a mortar, dryads start scrapping with an inf block, stubborn in a wood but he is outside the wood so is also stubborn. The other mortars are taking there toll on my units.

T5-6 the waywatchers kill a running unit of gunnars and get into another mortar. An eagle gets stuck on a free comp det. Steam tank is fighting treekin but is not buffed up with flaming sword so this ends up a stalemate.

At the end of the game it’s a draw. 10-10

I had a great weekend gaming and would go to an event run by Will again. I like Maelstrom for tourneys and am looking forward to next year.

That’s 6 months now for the woodies so I think it’s time to get the WoC back out.

That’s all folks…………

oh yeah, I came dead last and got the wooden spoon trophy, which was nice.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 9. Warriors.

A few pics of the first warrior unit. They are armed so that they can have multiple options for in game.

The begining of a second unit with halberds.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 8. Knights

A unit of 5 Chaos Knights with a work in prog of another unit.

And here is the WiP with some paint on.

and a second rider.

Next up will be some warriors on foot in the next day or 2.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 7. Marrauders.

Here is the start of a large block of marrauders with flails. I have used parts from many kits to give them a nice mixed up chaotic feel. The Jugger rider is a unit filler that takes the place of 4 men plus a 5th where the head hangs over the base.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 6, Sorcerers

Next up is 2 magic users on foot. I used the Empire mage box set for these. I have kept the colour scheme to fit with the rest of the army.

Next up is a sorcerer on barded steed. I have used some parts from the 40K character set to add some flavour to the model. Also added some green to mark him out from other mounted chaos warriors.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 5. Shaggoth.

Here is the Shaggoth that is now finished for the army. I know that it is not realy the best choice to be included in the army but I love the model. It also works well as a unit filler.