Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


Get off the damn table ya buggers!!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 4, Warshrine

I got given a stegadon model less the crew and decided to use it as a warshrine. I have added an old keeper of secrets model in the howdah and have yet to make a few models as crew to go at the front.

Warriors of Chaos part 3, Disc Riders

Here are a couple of disc riders for the army.

The first one is a WiP of a screamer being riden by a vamp lord with some deamonette bits to give it a more chaos look. I did not like the tail on the scremer so have sculpted a new one using some green stuff.

I hve added green to the wing membranes which deviates from the main colour scheme to reflect the fact that this will be  magic user.

The next one is a model from Rakham that I realy like and the fact that she is flying fitted with the disc rider theme.

Now for some finished pics. I have added a marrauder to the base of the first disc rider tto give it a look as though orders are being given or info is being passed from scouts to the rider.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 2

Here are some work in prog shots of the rest of the Marrauder cav unit. Point of note is the use of a cold one for the musician. The intent is to keep all the musicians using cold ones so that they stand out from the rest of the unit. The unit is armed with flails but I have also included shields, axes and spears so that they can give me more options when building the army list.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 1

This is  long term project that I have been working on for a while for WHFB.

I have a small Chaos space marine army for 40K and decided to keep the colour scheme the same as i like the combination of colours, which are;

Purple, peach (not just a fruit) and blue.

Some things that I decided to try with this army that I have never done before are;

1 snow bases, I know, I know very common with WoC armies but it is something that I have not tried before. I wanted a deeper snow look than the normal light dusting.

2 artificial light sorces, this will be from the eyes and maybe some arcane items and gems.

3 NMM for any area that I did not want to use colour on, I am trying to not have any metal paint on the models or bases at all.

This is some photo's of the first colour test model. I still need to do the boots and trousers but am faily happy with the rest of the model. lighting on the pics makes them look a bit grainy, sorry for that.

For the base I have used white flexible sealant and pushed the model into it. When dry I then covered it with a thin layer of PVA before using a mix of white flock and white glitter to cover the sealnt.

Next is some pics of some warhounds using a mix of hounds and dire wolves.

More of the army to follow.

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Executioner

Here is a model from my Malifaux collection. He is 28mm and part of the Guild collection. I am working my way through the rest of the guild starting with Lady Justice and her crew.


Here are some pics of a modal that I did for a friend as a gift for his son to add to his Lord of the rings army.
Lots of natural colours used and was realy good fun to paint.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Keeping afloat in a sea of models.

How many projects are too many?

Just some musings on the subject.

As a hobbyist for many years I find that I have always got multiple projects on the go at any one time. But how many is too many?

If I were a dedicated tournament gamer then I would say that any project other than the army that I am going to take to the next tournament would be too many as all my efforts should be focused on getting the army painted well and then practicing playing with it until I was confident that it worked well.

If I were a gamer/painter/modeller who never attended any form of competitive event either in person or online then I would think that you could never have enough on the go at any one time. As they say “variety is the spice of life” and switching between projects is a good way of keeping interest levels going. I must admit that painting a 40+ model unit can be boring without breaking it up with some other models on the way.

However, I am neither of these. I am somewhere in the middle ground. I love to paint different things but I also like to attend competitive events now and then. This is where the problems can be. If you’re like me then you will decide to take an army to an event and will only have part of it completed. This will now add a time limit to this project which can at times seem like an age away but from experience can rush at you like a speeding train and before you know it you are painting into the night to get the basic paint colours onto the models so that you do not get marked down for unpainted models. What about all the other stuff that you were working on? Do you stop all these projects? Nah, you can just keep doing a bit of this and that. This is where I get myself in a fix all the time.

As a casual gamer I do not take competitive play too seriously (my excuse for not being very good) and play for fun rather than trophies. But I think that it is time that I started to put my projects into some sort of priority order which can be flexible depending on what is on the horizon at the time. This way, I can switch focus so as not to spend too much time on one thing that it leaves me rushing other things that I need to be ready by fixed dates.

At the moment I have the following main projects.

Wood Elves (WHFB)

Malifaux Guild

Warriors of chaos (WHFB)

US Tank Coy 15mm (FoW)

Additional side projects.

Empire Army (WHFB) using historical figures in 28mm

40K Chaos space marine army with Traitor guard allies

Undead army for Kings of War

Table top scenery 

Is this too many? Nah......

Friday, 14 October 2011

54mm Legolas

This is a 54mm figure from Andrea miniatures that I painted for a friend. Great figure, fun to paint and I would like to get another to paint for myself.

For the base I painted the tree to look as natural as i could then used flock as moss and added clear varnish to give the impression of water collecting within the tree roots.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Brettonian Lord 28mm

Here are a few snaps of a Bret Lord on Hippogryph that I did a while back.

I agree that It's not great but was a good learning experience for painting larger more complext figures.

Another 120mm bowman

This is an all metal 15th century bowman that a friend asked me to paint for him.

This was the first larger thaan 54mm figure that I had ever painted (it shows). It was realy good fun to do and i learnt quite a lot about how colours blend on a larger model.

One of the parts that I realy enjoyed was doing the base and getting the stake to look like wood rather than the cast white metal that it realy is.