Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Graveyard terrain

I have got myself 3 boxes of the Garden of Morr from GW. The plan for these sets is to make enough graveyard scenery to cover a 3ft by 3ft area of a gaming table. I will keep the elements of the sets individual so as to allow for ease of storeage and also setting up the table to suit the game that is to be played.

The set includes 4 large sprues that are filled with some very detailed parts in a hard plastic. On inspection there is no flash, miss molds and any mold lines are minor.

First is 1 x base set.

Next is a wall/fence set.

Then there is 2 sets of the tombs
The kit cleans up and goes together very well. There is quite a lot of skulls as is common with GW scenery but I quite like this. There are some fantastic bits of detailing when you look closer that includes vines and flowers creeping up walls, extra grave stones and even a crow.

This is just one box put together so far. Sorry about the picture quality. I will update when I have got some paint on them and they are ready for the table.

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