Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 3, Disc Riders

Here are a couple of disc riders for the army.

The first one is a WiP of a screamer being riden by a vamp lord with some deamonette bits to give it a more chaos look. I did not like the tail on the scremer so have sculpted a new one using some green stuff.

I hve added green to the wing membranes which deviates from the main colour scheme to reflect the fact that this will be  magic user.

The next one is a model from Rakham that I realy like and the fact that she is flying fitted with the disc rider theme.

Now for some finished pics. I have added a marrauder to the base of the first disc rider tto give it a look as though orders are being given or info is being passed from scouts to the rider.

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  1. The added Marauder to the base, gives the piece a really nice dynamic! Love the conversions you've made to make the Vampire into a Chaos Sorcerer: looks very convincing.

    I think the Rakham model fits in rather well to the role you've asigned it.