Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


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Friday, 21 October 2011

Warriors of Chaos part 1

This is  long term project that I have been working on for a while for WHFB.

I have a small Chaos space marine army for 40K and decided to keep the colour scheme the same as i like the combination of colours, which are;

Purple, peach (not just a fruit) and blue.

Some things that I decided to try with this army that I have never done before are;

1 snow bases, I know, I know very common with WoC armies but it is something that I have not tried before. I wanted a deeper snow look than the normal light dusting.

2 artificial light sorces, this will be from the eyes and maybe some arcane items and gems.

3 NMM for any area that I did not want to use colour on, I am trying to not have any metal paint on the models or bases at all.

This is some photo's of the first colour test model. I still need to do the boots and trousers but am faily happy with the rest of the model. lighting on the pics makes them look a bit grainy, sorry for that.

For the base I have used white flexible sealant and pushed the model into it. When dry I then covered it with a thin layer of PVA before using a mix of white flock and white glitter to cover the sealnt.

Next is some pics of some warhounds using a mix of hounds and dire wolves.

More of the army to follow.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, really nice!

    Love that flayed skin on that Horseman, and the Dire Wolves goes really well with the Warhounds; makes for a much more interesting unit. The contrast between the cold snow and the freshly slain foes on the bases, also gives a nice touch to the hounds.

    Nice lights in the eyes as well, and I like the cold look you have created on the NMM-metals.

    Looking forward to more!