Cat Hair In The Paint Pot

Cat Hair In The Paint Pot


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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Warriors of Chaos Vs Lizardmen

The draw for the first game had been posted a few days earlier, we had got team tough and fluffy. The match up did not go to plan and I got the following;

Team tough and fluffy
Tim Robinson, Lizardmen

Slann, LORE OF DEATH, soul of stone, focus of mystery (know all lore), higher state of consciousnous, bane head, feedback scroll, dragonbane gem, BSB, standard of discipline 485

Scar veteran, coldone, light armour, charmed shield, burning blade of chotec, dawnstone 160
Priest, scroll 90
Scar veteran, coldone, light armour, halberd, venom of the firefly frog, dragon helm, luckstone 139
Priest, cube of darkness 105

Saurus*30, full command 360
28 skinks with 3 kroxigors, full command 327
Skink skirmishers*10 70
Skink skirmishers*10 70
Skink skirmishers*10 w javelins 80
10 skinks, mus 56
10 skinks, mus 56

6 chameleon skinks 72
3 terradons 90
3 terradons 90

2 salamanders 150

Posted Image

Tim is a very thoughtfull player and we only just completed 5 turns in 3 hours. This thoughtfulness served him well as I kept rushing my turns and made some silly mistakes.

Early in the game I allowed my Lv4 to get too close to his death magic and paid the price (and forgot my healing potion). he used his small skink units well and kept me at bay while causing me some casualties. I learned that a 2+ flaming ward save skar vet can hold up a unit of warriors with flaming banner for quite some time.

Posted Image

One of my units was doing a number on his skrox unit then I made a fatal error of putting my warshrine in a position that allowed a big unit to get into the combat to help out the skrox.

I got 20-0'd and it was pretty much my own fault. We all agreed that this was a bad match up but my own decision to go forward too soon and rush my turns gave him an easy win that should have been more like a minor win.

Hohum, never mind, next game to follow soon.

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